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Steam Eggs In-Shell For Best Effort-to-Result Ratio

three eggs

Eggs are little nutrition bombs. The combination of efficient, natural packaging and diverse, dense nutrition is hard to beat. Eggs also provide a wide array of choices balancing effort and result. A still-hot fried or poached egg is deliriously delicious and a good way to impress someone. A dozen hard eggs cook and store extremely efficiently and they’re okay eating.

It’s hard to make eggs taste bad, and technically you don’t even have to cook them if you’re in a hurry, but if you do want to cook them (duh) how should you do it? 1

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  1.  J. Kenji Lopez-Alt has the definitive guide(s) for cooking eggs

Why I think Howstr will change the world

Howstr is a system that makes it really easy to find out how to do things. In simple terms, Howstr considers writing and reading overrated. They’re great for sharing stories, but not great for getting work done.

what are books good for? Reading: yes. Flying a plane: no.

Howstr replaces a simple story about a project with a complex model of what an expert knows about the project. Knowledge, not words. (okay, it uses words, but they’re used better)

The expert explains everything to Howstr. Howstr explains it to everyone else.

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The Forest And The Trees And The Leaves And So On

We think in networks but we have to communicate in sentences. Sometimes we can sketch out a diagram or find a stock photo, which saves a bunch of words.

But even using multimedia doesn’t seem to save us time in the long run. Whatever we produce still only works for a certain audience and it still falls out of date. We keep pushing the rock up the hill just to have it roll back down. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s always the lingering feeling that someone else has probably already explained this if only we could find it.

What we’re dealing with is the cost of getting thoughts in and out of our heads. The conversion doesn’t come cheap. It’s like trying to live-tweet through Burning Man using Morse Code.

I think we can solve most of this problem if we can keep information related to itself while it’s outside of our head.

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Hello Howstr

Howstr is the startup I’m leaving the Air Force to found. It’s like Google for how-to knowledge. Howstr makes complicated projects simple so that people can build the same stuff when they aren’t in the same place. This is the story of where the idea came from, where it’s at now, and where it’s going.

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In Which I Get Excited, And Then Disappointed, By Sam Altman’s Latest Post in The Macro

I say that the stuff Y Combinator (and the people associated with it) has put out over the years is the core of my startup education. There’s always something valuable in what they share.

However, this one has me a bit confused. Sam Altman (Y Combinator) asked Michael Moritz (Sequoia Capital) some vague question about why Sequoia is so dope. Then Michael answers. Then Sam says “that was an incredible answer.” What happened in between was apparently so great it was pulled out of the normally private YC dinners and fixed in text for all time.

It stands to reason that both of these people know what they’re talking about, and that this excerpt must be the best bit of them talking about what they know. So, logically, diving into this transcript should be more valuable than most other things I could spend my time on.

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