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Mini Fabrikator Bed Leveling How To

The Hobby King Mini Fabrikator is a high-value piece of tech. It comes fully assembled and tuned, out of the box, for less than $200 shipped. I’ve got two. They haven’t been 100% trouble free, and they have obvious limitations, but they punch above their weight.

A big limitation of the economy design is that there’s no built-in way to level the bed. I’ll show you how to do it using M3 washers.

Hokay, so, let’s assume the front of your bed is too low.

Take the front of the machine off. At this point it’s a good idea, if you haven’t already, to put a piece of tape on either side of the four captive nuts that hold the front faceplate on. That way the nuts can’t get lost.

Using an appropriate hex key (Allen wrench), remove the two little screws that hold the front of the bed down. Slide in one or more M3 washers. Replace the screws to hold everything tight.

Now the front of the bed is elevated by the height of the washer.

Move the bed around and adjust the z-heigh with the front of the machine off in case you need to make additional changes.

Reverse the steps to reassemble the machine.



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