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Conor Friedersdorf – insightful and concise thinking and writing

Disruptivation – my old ‘big thoughts’ blog (not updating)

Ed Gibney – his thoughts on the is-ought dilemma alone are worth your time

Erik do Bruijn – he co-founded Ultimaker and you should check out his thesis on the RepRap project

Free Inactive Patent Search – as described in this paper (pdf), FreeIP allows you to easily search for patents which are now in the public domain because the owner didn’t pay the maintenance fee

Is There Anything Good About Men (pdf) – by Roy F. Baumeister, basically men go to extremes more than women

Kentaro Yasu – clever techniques to add to your making toolbox

Lab, Open Source – Dr. Joshua Pearce’s (Michigan Tech) book on cheap/easy lab equipment

Livecode – if you want to code, learn this; if you know how to code, add some extensions to this

On The Origin Of Circuits – evolved circuits are freaky little black magic boxes

Openalia – my open source hardware blog (not updating)

Optimizing Nutrition – if you want to understand how to eat healthy, you want to “digest” everything on Marty Kendall’s blog

OSE – Open Source Ecology, build civilization yourself with open source blueprints; my log (not updating)

Paul Graham – best startup advice

PrintThat – my 3D printing blog (not updating)

Richard Home – he’s been pushing open source 3D printing forward as long as anyone

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