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1115 Pounds

 deadlift 455 pounds
Deadlifting 455lb

I’ve been focusing on strength training since January 2019. I was inspired by Dr. Shawn Baker @SBakerMD who’s past 50 and puts up what to me are ridiculous weight*rep*set numbers. So I can’t just do top end power, I also need to work endurance.

I figured 6 reps is strength, 12 is hypertrophy, and “more” is endurance so I just doubled it again to 24 reps. One set doesn’t mean much, so I made it 3 sets. Therefore my workout for 2019 Jan, Feb, Mar, and most of Apr was as follows. Every rest period was 30 seconds, or as close as I could get while setting up and tearing down equipment. Each exercise was done by adjusting the weight to target 3 sets of 6 reps, 3 of 12, and 3 of 24.

Day 1: deadlift, dips (full ROM), standing shrug

Day 2: back squat, pullups, standing overhead press

Day 3: this varied, but settled into hip thrusts, cable face pulls, and flat/incline chest press

For some context, here’s my notes from Jan 5th
deadlift, 30s rest, 315lb*5*5*5, 225lb*8*8*8, 135lb*12*12*5, grip gave out first and here’s my notes from Apr 23rd
deadlift, 30s rest, 345lb*7*7*7, 195lb*12*12*12, 115lb*25*25*21

That’s starting at 251,775 lb volume and ending at 1,964,670 lb volume for a 1,712,895 lb volume increase; almost 8x.

Today, Apr 26th, I decided I’m getting too fat so I’m going to start cutting, which means I should lock in my proof of strength gains before I get weaker. So I maxed out at 455lb deadlift, 365lb squat, and 295lb bench press, for a combined 1115lb.

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