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Why I think Howstr will change the world

Howstr is a system that makes it really easy to find out how to do things. In simple terms, Howstr considers writing and reading overrated. They’re great for sharing stories, but not great for getting work done.

what are books good for? Reading: yes. Flying a plane: no.

Howstr replaces a simple story about a project with a complex model of what an expert knows about the project. Knowledge, not words. (okay, it uses words, but they’re used better)

The expert explains everything to Howstr. Howstr explains it to everyone else.

Hello Howstr

Howstr is the startup I’m leaving the Air Force to found. It’s like Google for how-to knowledge. Howstr makes complicated projects simple so that people can build the same stuff when they aren’t in the same place. This is the story of where the idea came from, where it’s at now, and where it’s going.