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My Startup Ideas On Quora

My Quora answer to What are some creative startup ideas you have?

Somebody make these so that I can use them.

– A marketplace where you can swap Halloween costumes instead of having to buy a new one.
– App that has carrot and stick for your goals. It tracks progress and when you’re doing well it rewards you with access to exclusive media, discounts, bragging posts to social media, etc. When you procrastinate it punishes you. Like deducting money from an account, making your phone respond slowly, blocking access to functions (like it won’t play music), etc.
– App to improve your sexy talk. You record your best lines and upload them. Then you can listen to and rate uploaded lines. Improve over time. Ratings would be adjusted based on that user’s rating history, so more accurate and useful. Unlock option to sell exclusive tracks when your own rating passes a certain threshold. Discover recommendations.
– Machine learning. Give it your face and it searches for people who look just like you, ranked by the photo’s attractiveness. That way you can see what they did better given the same face. Like are they tan/pale, what angle do they hold their head, do they smile with teeth or without, what haircut do they have?
– Use smartphone camera to measure subcutaneous fat by jumping up and landing hard. The fat will keep moving while the muscles and skeleton will stop. Use that to estimate body fat percentage faster and more accurately (?) than tape.
– Brownie cutter printer. Feed in a thin, rolled metal strip and the printer bends it into the right shape to cut out irregularly shaped brownies (any unusual tessellating shape). Include access to a platform for sharing the files.
– VR rear projection. Put on a light-weight helmet several times bigger than your head made out of rear projection fabric. A few projectors around the room track the helmet and project images onto it from outside. That way you can get a full VR experience without excessive weight and without a cable connected to anything.
– Make a wearable that’s held on by a bandage. You stick in a hidden spot and leave on,  for days if necessary, then swap to a different location. Better contact than things like bracelets. Able to move it to different locations so to give the skin underneath a break. Able to put it somewhere that’s not visible, even in a bathing suit.
– Service for mobile developers to test their apps on a wide variety of physical devices mounted inside of robots. The main location would have a vast array of simple Cartesian bots with mobile devices in them. The robots physically interact with the software and hardware according to scripts and test protocols. Developers remotely upload the software, and the tests, and get reproducible real-world results. Additionally,  provide the kits to the public. Anyone in the world with a kit and mobile device can earn a fee when their unit is connected to the main servers and used for testing.
– An e-ink display that plugs into the headphone port on a smartphone for power and data. An app on the phone pushes a page of text to the e-ink so you don’t have to run the screen. A button or two moves pages
– A smartphone app that runs in the background. Hit or shake the phone 3 times brings up a tutorial layer relevant to whatever other app screen you’re on; instructions, helper, tutorial, assistant, aide, adviser/advisor
– 3D printable car that teaches basic maintenance. All of the parts are in their respective places and you can simulate doing the maintenance so you’re familiar with it on your own vehicle

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