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2015 Open Source Survey

    • demographics
      • 78% of companies run on open source
      • <3% don’t use open source in any way
    • pervasive corporate use of open source
      • 88% expect to increase contributions to open source projects
    • the open source advantage
      • >66% consider OSS options before proprietary
    • shaping the future of technology and security
    • the business of open source
      • nearly 9 in 10 say that open source greatly impacts the speed of innovation
      • nearly 8 in 10 say that open source improves margins and grows revenues
      • >55% have no policies/procedures regarding OSS
      • in 2014 $1.3B investment (up from $920M) and average deal $34M (up from $18M)

These open source adoption numbers are starting to show that hockey stick growth. Either that, or terms like “open source” are starting to become so ubiquitous that people are losing track of distinctions.

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