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[6MAR2016] World War III will be quite. When we get around to a major war again technologies like firearm suppressors, smart weapons, and electric power will be common. A characteristic shared by all of these advancements is that they reduce noise. With suppressors, you can actually hear what your team is saying (and there’s less permanent hearing loss). With smart weapons, they’re launched from so far away, and carry such a small payload, that you won’t hear it coming and it won’t make a particularly large boom when it arrives. Future conflict will be so quite we’ll probably introduce directed-noise weapons because they’ll actually be effective.

[14FEB2016] As new generations grow up while taking smartphones and social media for granted, significance will emerge around certain events. The technology itself requires a certain amount of development to manage and the social capital accrued from certain tech-enabled events will change. A person’s “first selfie” will become a noteworthy event, even one worth postponing until the “right” time.

[16SEP2015] Autonomous vehicle infrastructure will result in individuals, and even whole communities, living entirely out of smart-RVs. Some particularly wealthy individuals, or innovative property managers, will maintain entire “estates” made out of a fleet of vehicles. One might be a master unit, another a guest bedroom, another a ‘home’ gym, another a storage unit, etc.

[10SEP2015] When facial recognition is common, so too will be masks. From now on every generation will be more and more comfortable with multiple identities of varying anonymity and purpose. They will feel that, yes, anyone can take their picture in public, but they are under no obligation to show their real face in public. They’ll wear different masks for different contexts. It will also be easier to fit augmented/virtual reality gear inside of a mask or helmet.